Projektion Haus Metternich Koblenz
Scherben: glass paintings
Projection (japanese garden): glass, overhead projector
Projektion Haus Metternich Koblenz
Projektion: Pumpwerk Siegburg
2022 wall installation, pâte-de-verre
Projektion VIII
2022 Overhead projectors, glass size variable
The weather of Prószków
2021  artist booklet 
A rock
2021 pâte-de-verre
2021 filter glass, etched, framed
Projektion VII
2021 overhead projectors, glass sheets
Vulkaneifel - Installation
2019/ 2021 experimental film, cast glass vessels
Vulkaneifel - artist book
2020 Strzeleckibooks 
Hohes Venn
2021 experimental film projected onto glass screen
Hohes Venn Serie
2021 filmstills, framed
Vulkaneifel - Performance
experimental film with Akiko Ahrendt, violin Thinking ahead to the tradition of classical silent film, the music is less an underscore or acoustic illustration of the images than an independent interpretation of the film's form and aesthetics. Common parameters such as temporality, atmosphere and image composition or musical form influence each other and interact. The musician plays analogously on her violin, partly prepared with (natural) materials from the Eifel, to which both artists are geographically connected.
Vulkaneifel - filmstills
2020 digital prints, framed
2019 experimental film
Choubek - See Djerba
2019 site-specific installation, Djerba/ TN video projection on window
Zwölf-Apostel-Kirche Frankenthal/ Pfalz
2019 site-specific installation
Le pas du chat noir
2018 poetry film with Adrian Kasnitz
Fenster V
2018  glass, wood, metal, video projection
Projektion VI
2018 glass, wood, video projection
2017/ 2018 engraved glass, china ink
2017 engraved glass, framed
Windows (Triptychon)
2016 insulated glass pane, silicone
2016 cast glass, engraving
2016 glass, video projection
Schirm - Video
2016 site-specific-installation
Konstruktion III
2016 dichroitic glass, steel, wooden pedestal
2015 glass, light spots, DMX-player, tripods
Projektion IV
2015 glass, metal, felt, wood, video projection
2011/2015 etched glass
Fenster IV
2013 engraved glass, wood, fluorescent pigment, UV light
Fenster III
2012 glass, wood, fabric
2012 engraved glass, wood, video
Projektion II
2011 glass, wood, video projection
Projektion III
2011 video projection, glass, wood
2010 video projection, glass
2009 video projection, cast glass
Mein Atem
2009 blown glass, showcase, brass sign
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