video projection, cast glass
200 x 100 x 10 cm
foto: Helge Articus 
Leaning on edge against the wall is the glass cast of a rumpled bed sheet, which bears the traces of the night in its folds and formations. Where a human being left impressions through his movement, the viscous hot glass has found the folds (French: pli) through a plaster mold in the melting furnace and taken them over during cooling. In the process of movement and standstill, the glass becomes a memory of time. Judith Röder couples this „memory surface“ to a video projection that takes up movement, standstill and change. Brightly colored contrasts in light and dark nuances reflect on the folds and curvatures of the glass until the glistening light refracts in the glass and the movements of a sleeping person become recognizable in shadowy images. Glass and video alternately transform the present and the absent into an illusion of light.
(Christian Nitz)

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