Projektion III
video projection, glass, wood
185 x 185 x135 cm
Foto: Kristof Vrancken, Alicja Kielan
Projection III is a glass „canvas“ made of frosted pans onto which the video of a diffuse water mist is projected, behind which a forest landscape can be glimpsed in ephemeral images. The semi-transparent glass allows the „easel“ to shine through and the images, as if through a window, to stream into the space behind. In addition, the cubist arrangement of the glass surfaces multiplies the perspective. The viewer‘s gaze vacillates between perceiving the materiality of the glass and the immateriality of the projection, which, just like its pictorial content, obscures and even dissolves the background, only to have it soon become visible again. Glass, image and space seem to merge. (Christian Nitz)

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